Current Surfboards features a collection of shapes that fit within today’s high-performance surfing. We focus on using quality materials and innovative construction techniques to deliver our rider a board that is light weight and durable while also achieving speed, maneuverability, and maximum flex.

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Hell Cat i2-tech

The Hellcat is designed to gap the area of high performance and groveler and can be ridden on a routine basis. A small amount of width is added to the nose and center and is combined with a semi-low entry rocker to assist in paddling into waves quick and easy. i2-tech uses a offset gradient innegra infused into a hi-clear cloth. Centered dual carbon tow tracers added for aesthetics.The innegra spans the entire deck from nose to tail, rail to rail aiding in flex and maneuverability. A tight innegra pattern through the center assists in compression strength under the foot.

Shaper-Adam Ribakoff

Black Atlantic “Hell Cat” i2tech


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FDY3 Prototype

The FDY3 Prototype from Black Atlantic performs as good as it looks! A 1 of 1 this board is a surf-able art piece.  The attention to detail from shaper Adam Ribakoff is humbling even to the seasoned board builder. This one comes equipped with a EPS Core with a high density foam stringer reinforced with carbon fiber and a FCS2 5-fin set up. A low entry rocker provides an easy paddle making a complete board that maneuvers very well in small to mid size waves. 

Shaper-Adam Ribakoff

Black Atlantic “FDY3 Prototype”


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Stupid Fish

A modernized take on a retro outline, the Stupid Fish is built to excel in smaller to mid size conditions and perfectly ideal for surfers who want a board that has the flowing vintage curves, yet still performs with speed and agility of a performance shortboard for today’s on edge surfing. 

Shaper-Adam Ribakoff

Black Atlantic Flax “Stupid Fish” Ink blot


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