Current Surfboards 2500 N. Forsyth rd D-16 Orlando FL. 32707 Est.2013

Current Surfboards was founded simply out of a passion for surfing. Growing up in the mid 80’s surfing Florida’s east coast and spending most of my childhood on a beach isn’t such a tough life and well, I intended to keep it that way. (I thought) In 2013 the decision was made to turn that passion for surfing into a business and Current Surfboards opened its doors. Not much has changed from when we started except for a bit more experience and knowledge. We will continue to be a forward-thinking board builder focusing on performance & fluid dynamics. We pride ourselves on our manufacturing process that combines technology, construction, and design to bring our riders high performance surf-craft suitable for all levels of surfers. All our boards are hand-made in Florida using only the best foam, cloth and resin.

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